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Which one should you choose – the sauna or steam room?

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It’s a question some may ask themselves – is the sauna or the steam room better for you? They can be seen as the same in that they both utilise high temperatures to induce sweating and increase the heart rate, which can both improve health and also help visitors relax. At The Stable, we offer our male visitors the option of both facilities, but is one better than the other?

Let’s start with the sauna. Saunas create dry heat and generally tend to high a much higher temperature. Saunas will often have vents allowing fresh air into the room to prevent it from becoming too humid, something which can be a problem for steam rooms, and uncomfortable. When using a sauna, you can expect the heat to encourage better blood flow which in turn can lead to an improve in your skin’s health. Those with oily skin have been known to benefit more from saunas as the higher temperatures helps to clear the skin of waste and excess moisture. The improved blood flow can also benefit your cardiovascular health, helping make your heart stronger.

Steam rooms, as mentioned, have an pretty much identical function to saunas, the main difference here is that they create moist heat with lower temperatures than saunas. Again, the heat improves blood flow so you’re still getting the same health benefits as the sauna. The difference however in the steam room’s advantage is for those with dry skin and respiratory and congestion problems. Dry skin can be improved as the added moisture in the room will hydrate it and leave it feeling much smoother. The steam can help to relieve chest or sinus congestion, and many steam rooms will use eucalyptus and/or menthol which also help with this problem.  

Both the sauna and steam room are beneficial, however as we can see the main difference in their benefits tends to lie in personal preference and health. Both are extremely relaxing, so whichever you choose (if you have to stick to one) you won’t miss out on the advantages the other has to offer.

At The Stable, we believe in the benefits of heat therapy which is why we provide our visitors with access to both a sauna and a steam room. Visitors to our London-based gay bathhouse can enjoy use of these facilities followed by a dip in our spa pool – one of London’s largest! You can find us located a few minutes away from Soho’s gay village and Covent Garden. Be sure to check our website for the latest opening times and special offers.

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