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The healthiest foods you should be eating

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Eating the right foods can make a big difference to how you feel. If you eat a lot of junk food you’re more likely to end up feeling sluggish whilst eating plenty of nutritious and vitamin rich foods can leave you feeling more energetic. There are certain foods which can have more of a benefit than others, so we’re going to look at our top five.


Eggs are packed full of nutrients that are great for your health, including the nine essential amino-acids, omega 3 and protein. Forget what you may have been told when you were younger as well – yolks are not the enemy. In fact, if you leave the yolks and just eat the egg whites you’re missing on 90% of the eggs nutrients. Don’t worry about cholesterol – new studies have shown that dietary cholesterol doesn’t actually affect cholesterol levels in the blood. So go ahead and enjoy your eggs!


Watercress is much more than just a garnish for your sandwich or salad – these little leaves are packed full of calcium, fibre, protein and vitamin C. The antioxidant properties of watercress also make this food extremely appealing for the health conscious. Healthy bones, good digestion and energy – who wouldn’t want to benefit from eating watercress?

Sesame Seeds

It turns out that although they may be small, sesame seeds are loaded with nutrients  and antioxidants which can help your body heal and detox itself as well as help prevent premature ageing. Sesame seeds are also high in zinc which gives the immune system a boost.


Just one serving of broccoli can contain your full daily requirement of vitamin K and C. Both of these vitamins are great for strengthening the bones, and vitamin C is also known for boosting the immune system – definitely one to have when cold season starts!

Dark Chocolate

Got a sweet tooth? You’ll be pleased to know that dark chocolate is super healthy for you then! Dark chocolates with a high cocoa content can actually improve your health and lower the risk of heart disease. It’s full of iron, manganese, antioxidants and fibre which will keep you and your body feeling happy and healthy.


Eating well doesn’t have to mean restricting yourself to the healthy essentials, however if you can make these foods a regular part of your diet to replace less nutritious foods you should notice a difference in no time!



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