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What can you do to keep your body on top form?

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Your body is the most important thing you own so it is a good idea to treat your body like a temple. Taking good care of your health and fitness will make you look and feel better both physically and mentally.

One of the main things you need to control – and that you also have the most control over, is what you put into your body. It’s no secret that junk food and sugary drinks are no good for your health – they cause weight gain, bad skin, drops in energy levels and can cause you to feel demotivated and even depressed. You need to make sure you are eating the foods that are good for you and will enable you to feed your body with nutrients and calories it needs. Eating three healthy meals a day is key and will make it much easier to maintain a balanced diet.

With 60% of the body being made up of water it comes as no surprise that water is incredibly important to in keeping good health. Essential functions like breathing and sweating cause us to lose water on a daily basis and if the body isn’t rehydrated regularly you’ll start to feel it. Without the right amount of water organs can’t function as normal. It is advised that you drink at least five glasses of water a day to keep yourself in top condition. Whilst drinks such as tea, coffee and juices are hydrating, water will always remain the best and most preferable option as there are no calories, sugars, preservatives or caffeine in it.

Generally speaking, an inactive body is never going to be the healthiest. The body needs to move about, so regular exercise is a must. Hitting the gym five times a week isn’t for everyone, but that doesn’t mean you can’t stay active. Something as simple as going for a 20 minute walk every day will do you a world of good. The activity lets you loosen up your joints, strengthen the muscles and clear your head. Whether you’re into tough weightlifting and cardio sessions at the gym or more in favour of a few laps round the pool, it doesn’t really matter what you do as long as you’re moving.

Finally, an area that often gets overlooked is relaxation. Life is going to be stressful at some time for everyone no matter what the situation. Whilst stress is to be expected, that doesn’t mean you have to accept it and let stress affect your health. Knowing when and how to relax is important and it’ll be much more beneficial if you can make regular time for yourself. Spa trips offer a great way to relax – saunas, steam rooms and spa pools are notoriously relaxing, and most will offer massage services which offer the ultimate in relaxation. Many people find relaxation in physical activities with a popular choice being yoga. The gentle movements help keep the body active and the practice teaches you to let your mind free itself from daily thoughts. What you do to relax is down to you. Everyone is different and whilst some people want to actively engage in something to wind down others prefer things as simple as sitting and reading a book or enjoying a drink with friends.

The overall health of the body shouldn’t be overlooked – you’re going to be stuck with that body until the end so you may as well make it as comfortable as possible!

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