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Why a micro-sauna session can give you the boost you need

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Are there times when you feel like all you do is work and you don’t have the time to enjoy anything for yourself? If so, you could benefit from joining us on your lunch break! Micro-sauna sessions can be just as, if not more, beneficial as a long spa day – let’s look at why.

We know that saunas are a top choice for relaxation – the quiet, warm environment makes them the perfect hideout to escape from everyday stresses. So why would a shorter lunch time visit be better than a longer afternoon? To start off with, if you’re constantly on-the-go it’s much easier to fit in a quick 30 – 60 minutes than it is to schedule a full day away from your usual activities. Also, if you’re feeling pressured at work it’s a great way to break up your routine, give you a break and help relieve stress. If left to build up, stress can cause you no end of problems, both mental and physical, so if you can you should try to do what you can to keep these feelings at bay. By taking a break and enjoying a micro-sauna session mid-way through the day you give your mind a chance to unwind and just focus on you for a short time. Whilst it may not seem much at the time, you’ll find that on your return to work you’re more likely to feel much more motivated and ready to go.

It’s also a great way to make sure you actually take your break and don’t get dragged into working through your lunch – you’d be surprised at how many people admit to doing this! Working a full shift without a break isn’t great for you, so by specifically allocating time now and then to yourself makes sure you get the rest you need.

Life in London is notoriously busy, so if you want to take time out and enjoy a lunch hour to yourself, you can find The Stable centrally located close to Covent Garden and Soho’s gay village. Be sure to check out our rates and times page, and our special offers for the latest discounts.


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