Covent Garden Health Spa

Covent Garden Health Spa

London's premier male health spa.

Visiting London this summer? Stop off at The Stable

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Summer is finally here, and it’s time you gave your body a little TLC. You’ve been working hard all year so why not take some time to remember what you work so hard for. Taking some time out to relax is also great for your health and can really give you a boost of energy and motivation.

Here at The Stable we believe a trip the sauna is a great way to unwind. We have different rooms containing different heat and wet facilities to suit your needs.

Our sauna and steam rooms offer a quiet, warm area for you to let yourself drift away. Sitting in a sauna or steam room for about 20 minutes can promote deep sweating, and whilst it’s not the most attractive thing, sweating is actually a great health benefit to your body, as it helps cleanse and detoxify your body. The warmth from these rooms also help you de-stress as they cause your body to release endorphins – your body’s feel good chemical. This creates a natural tranquilising effect, which also helps to reduce the pain of muscle soreness. This can be great for people who spend a lot of time on their feet or lifting heavy objects.

Another room we have on offer is our spa pool. In this room you can take a dip and let the warm bubbly water do all the work. The heat from the water can help reduce tension in your muscles and improve flexibility in your joints. The fast streamed jets inside of warm water mixed with air provide a therapeutic massage you can control – you get to decide how much pressure you want and whereabouts you would like to focus on.

One indulgent treat you can give yourself this summer is one of our massages. Massage helps stimulate your muscles this which can drastically reduce any pain or tension you may carrying. Massages can also benefit people who suffer with such problems as arthritis, when the problematic areas are kneaded and rubbed this helps loosen up your joints giving you slight pain relief and improve movement and flexibility.

Finally after cooling off in wet rooms after your session its time to bask in the heat and relax in our licensed bar. In here you can enjoy a well deserved drink and socialise with others and just get away from the stress of reality for a while. It’s important to take time out for yourself and we believe relaxing at The Stable is a simple solution.

If you’d like to visit our London men only bathhouse based just a few minutes away from Covent Garden, please visit our rates and times page. Don’t forget to check our special offers page for exclusive website only offers and discounts on entry prices.

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