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The secrets of the sauna

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More people are beginning to use saunas on a regular basis, and it’s not just helping them to relax. A regular sauna session can also have many benefits for your health inside and out.

Improved heart health

Steam rooms, saunas and hot tubs can help lower your blood pressure and improve your heart health as the heat from these facilities improves your circulation. Being in a spa you can also fall into complete state of relaxation, helping you become calmer and less stressed – which of course is great news for your heart!

Improved mood

Regular trips to the sauna can help improve your mood and leave you feeling happier and much more relaxed, as it is a warm, quiet space without any distractions helping you slip away to enjoy some you-time. The heat of the sauna also releases endorphins due to the improvement of circulation, and this helps create a natural feel good feeling leaving you in a much more positive mood.

Increased motivation

A lot of people can lack motivation and this can be down to stress, work or aches and pains. Regular trips to the sauna helps relieve these problems and in turn help boost motivation levels. We’ve already mentioned that it can be great for reducing stress, but the heat can also soothe aches and pains and also help to speed up recovery time for any injuries. If you’re feeling good both inside and out, you’re much more likely to feel a boost in motivation.


A 20 minute sauna session stimulates your sweat glands making your skin produce more sweat. Your body naturally absorbs bad toxins everyday from the environment, however these bad toxins are removed when you sweat leaving your body detoxified and feeling clean. It does this due to heat of the sauna.

If you’re feeling the pressures of daily life and want to unwind, why not join us at The Stable? We provide a relaxing, discreet male-only location in central London where visitors can enjoy some quiet time. As well as the sauna, steam room and spa pool, we also offer a number of other facilities including a video room, private restrooms and a fully-licensed lounge bar. For more information, please visit our rates and times page, and be sure to check our special offers page for exclusive discounts.

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