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Relax and reap the benefits

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Relaxation is something many of us consider as a luxury, however what many overlook is that making more time to relax can actually improve male health. Everyone has different ways of relaxing, so we’re going to look at some easy ways you can make relaxation a part of your daily routine.

First, we want to point out the relevance of relaxation to your health. The main benefit it offers is the reduction of stress. Everyone gets stressed from time to time, and while generally this is harmless, if symptoms of stress last longer than a week they can start doing some serious damage to your health. They can negatively impact the immune system and create feelings of fatigue, anxiety and even depression. In severe cases it can also lead to heart problems. By taking time to relax each day, you will significantly reduce the effects of stress and have a much better chance of keeping it at bay.

Modern life is busy – especially in London. With busy schedules and lifestyles, it can be tough to find special time dedicated to just relaxing – but there is time and you should make it. Things you can do at home include indulging in a long bath, turning the TV off and enjoying a quiet environment, and even trying out something like yoga. Even just giving yourself half an hour each day can do wonders. Another way to help yourself relax is by getting into a good sleeping pattern. Make your bedroom a place for sleep – try to avoid TV and electronics when in bed and keep your room nice and cool. Give yourself the hour or so before bed as you time. Just having that time can make a big difference. Another thing you can do which is exceptionally easy (in theory anyway!) is to put down the phone/tablet/laptop. You don’t need to be switched on all the time and constantly checking Facebook or Twitter isn’t going to help you relax. Dedicate a certain time of the day to being a no-phone time.

Daily relaxation is great for staying on top of regular stresses. If however you feel like you’re under more pressure than usual and need a bit more of an intensive relaxation session, you could benefit from a spa session. If you’re local to London, you can take advantage of the gay bathhouse facilities we offer at The Stable. Saunas and steam rooms are a fantastic place to really switch off and wind down, and they also offer a number of benefits to your health. Give yourself 20 minutes in a sauna or a steam room and you’ll feel like a weight’s been lifted. Spa pools are another great place to relax. You can just sit back and enjoy the water, or you could even enjoy the company of other users – at The Stable we offer one of London’s largest spa pools for men.

Finally, we recommend massages as a way to deal with stress and really relax. They work through tense muscles and give you the quiet time to work through any stressful thoughts and relax your mind. Massages are so much more than just a luxurious treat – they are great for keeping health in top shape and also for helping relieve symptoms of chronic pain and/or injuries.

The Stable is London’s premier gay sauna, and you can find us centrally located just a few minutes away from Covent Garden and Soho’s gay village. Visit our rates and times page for more information and be sure to check our our special offers page for exclusive discounts.


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