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Bolster your workouts with a steam room session

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If you like to have a full workout in the gym, you could benefit more from your session if you hit the steam room immediately after. As London’s leading men-only sauna, our clientele often use our facilities to make the most of their workouts.

Most people assume steam rooms are just luxury rather than a necessity, but there is so much more to the steam room than just relaxing and putting your feet up. But if you spend at least 20 minutes in the steam room after exercising, your body could receive five health benefits.


This is the primary benefit a steam room provides, which is a necessity after a hard workout. Numerous studies show that stress can lead to many physical and mental health problems. Sitting in a steam room can help you feel relaxed and lower your blood pressure and heart rate, making you feel more calm and less stressed, resulting in a happier you.

Increased blood circulation

After exercising your body can feel stiff and create muscle tension which leads aching and soreness. So if you sit in the steam room after exercise, your body temperature will increase and make your blood vessels dilate. This increases blood circulation, which helps soothe the body and help heal bruises.

You can lose an extra couple of pounds

The steam room can also help you lose weight, but only as part of a healthy diet and exercise regimen. Whilst in the steam room, you sweat a lot which causes your body to lose water weight, which can help drop an extra couple of pounds.


Many studies show that toxins are removed from our pores when we sweat. This reduces certain chemicals that are present within our body, such as copper, lead and mercury. Another benefit of sweating in the steam room is detoxification. This is when bacteria ‘drains out’ from your top layer of skin, leaving the skin feeling clean and ready for moisturising.

Helps with sleep

A steam room can also help with a person’s ability to get a good night’s sleep, especially on hot summer nights. On top of the relaxation a person will experience from a steam room session, that person will also start to feel more comfortable in warmer temperatures, which can obviously help when trying to get to sleep on hot nights.

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