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Why Muscles Aren’t Just Good For The Sauna

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We all know that gaining muscle has the advantage of making you look more attractive and catching the eye of onlookers. But there’s another important reason to build your strength and definition – your health.

One benefit most men are unaware of is that increased muscle mass actually can actually lead to fat loss. If you have more muscle, your body will require a larger number of calories to fuel those muscles. In other words, your metabolic rate will increase. As an approximate guide, if you gain a pound of muscle your body will use about 50 calories extra a day.

Another benefit of building muscle is increased strength. Studies have claimed that when you hit the age of 50 you will lose about 10% of your muscle By the time you reach 60, your muscle strength can decrease by 15%. However, if you strength train little but often you could start to build a strong body that will cope better as you age. If you keep doing it regularly, you can keep active and strong as you age, giving you a happier lifestyle.

Building muscle can also help protect your joints from injury, as your body can become weaker and your balance can deteriorate with age. This can lead to fractured bones and more chances of injury related falls. If you can keep exercising and building muscle, this will help keep your strength up as you age, which can help give you a more independent lifestyle.

Here at Saunabar, we believe that building muscle is important for your health. We can help you relax after your muscle building sessions. We have steam and wet rooms to help relieve any tension you may have, or alternatively, you could book your self in for a relaxing massage from one of our professional masseurs.

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