Looking to bulk up? Consider your protein intake.

When attempting to build-up your muscles, your body needs to make more of the filaments and proteins, actin and myosin. To produce these, the amino acids in our muscles must join together. We have two types of amino acids – essential and non-essential. Essential amino acids cannot be made by our bodies alone. We have … Read more

Explore the physical and mental benefits of a post-workout massage

You know it’s been a particularly good workout if you already know you’re going to wake up feeling sore in the morning. We believe that nothing is better for your post-workout body than a blissfully relaxing massage.   Your willingness to exercise regularly is already one sign of loving your body, but you shouldn’t stop … Read more

Live life to the full with regular sauna visits

Studies from a group of researchers at the University of Eastern Finland have revealed a range of physical benefits linked to regularly visiting a sauna.   According to the research, people who frequently attend sauna sessions had lower rates of hypertension, cardiac death and dementia in comparison those who rarely visit or never have.   … Read more