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Live life to the full with regular sauna visits

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Studies from a group of researchers at the University of Eastern Finland have revealed a range of physical benefits linked to regularly visiting a sauna.


According to the research, people who frequently attend sauna sessions had lower rates of hypertension, cardiac death and dementia in comparison those who rarely visit or never have.


More recently however, they have also found that each visit can directly affect blood pressure, heart rate and overall vascular health. The study proved that spending at least 30 minutes in the sauna reduced both systolic and diastolic pressure and it managed to stay low for another 30 minutes after the session.


As well as this, evidence showed that spending time in the sauna increased heart rates to an average of 120 beats per minute from the normal resting rate of 60-100 beats per minute. This is roughly what we would be achieved from moderate exercise.


Though this is impressive, it does not mean that the sauna is a great alternative to exercise. At The Stable, we recommend using the sauna post-workout or as a way to relax between workout sessions. This way, you can enjoy the benefits of both activities!

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