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How effective is HIIT?

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High-intensity interval training is quite self-explanatory. It is a type of workout that consists of various intervals with various intensities. Doing the most intense exercises with sufficient rests in between means you will get the maximum benefits!


Participating in HIIT workouts are a great way to use your body’s natural energy in the most effective way. Alternating between intense exercise and rest periods means your body learns how to use the energy that comes from your own energy system. The rest periods are also great for removing any toxic waste residing in your muscles. As well as this, rest periods can really help with your breathing technique, so that the exercise is much easier to handle.


The more you practice in HIIT, the more you will improve your overall endurance for any type of exercise. This is because high-intensity training can adapt to the cellular structure of your muscles. Because of this, you will eventually be able to take part in exercise for longer. This means that it will offer long-term benefits for your fitness.


HIIT has also been proven to be great for heart health. For many people, it is extremely hard to push yourself to the point where the heart is pounding and you’re losing breath in one exercise. As HIIT involves small breaks and is done in intervals, it is much easier to push yourself to those limits because a rest is always guaranteed. This technique helps to work your heart to its optimum capacity and keep the blood flowing through the body adequately.


You will also find that you will not risk burning any muscle, but fat only. Since you combine cardio with weight training (and by weight training, we mean the weight of your body), you will build muscle! One study proved that partaking in 15 minutes of HIIT burned more calories than jogging on a treadmill for a whole hour! This means HIIT can burn fat and calories at a much quicker rate, making it a more efficient exercise.


One of the best things about HIIT is that you can adjust it to perfectly suit your capabilities. You can choose all of your own workouts and pick any type of cardio and turn it into HIIT. If you’re looking to get great results, fast, we would definitely recommend trying HIIT workouts!

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