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How to maximise the benefits of the sauna

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Cold showers


One of the major benefits of the sauna is the opening of your pores to let out all of your body’s unnecessary toxins. It is just as important to encourage your body to close them again once you have finished your session. The most effective way to do this is by taking a nice cold shower!


During your shower, your blood will begin to flow back towards your organs as your pores tighten. This strengthens your natural defence system and trains the immune system to become more robust.




There is absolutely no doubt that while you sit in the sauna you will sweat… a lot. This also means that your body will lose a large amount of water. It is important that you drink plenty of water to rehydrate your body to a healthy level.


It is better to gradually consume the water after your session, rather than guzzling it all at once so that you can restore the water levels within your body at a more natural and healthy pace.


Have something to eat!


Another thing you will lose lots of in the sauna is salt. You have high levels of salt in your sweat and so, of course, you will lose a fair amount depending on how long your sessions are.


It is generally recommended that you do not eat before heading into the sauna, so if you followed this rule you may find yourself to be a little bit peckish afterwards.


Because you will have lost so much salt, it is not uncommon to crave it, so if you really can’t resist, try looking for some salty but healthy snacks or foods so that you don’t counteract the good you just did to your body! Generally, we would recommend nutritious foods like melon or watermelon as these can both satisfy hunger and rehydrate the body due to their high water content.


Get a good night’s sleep


If you have been in the sauna then you have taken part in one of the most ultimate forms of relaxation! Try to avoid activities whereby you will encourage any stress or strain.


It is great for your mental health if you can really indulge in the positivity of the sauna. Evening saunas are great for this as the sooner you can get yourself relaxed and into bed the better.


Try not to go to bed too late, get comfortable and reap the benefits in the morning. You should feel refreshed and replenished!

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