Can the sauna aid muscle recovery?

If you exercise regularly, you will be no stranger to muscle soreness. When you work out, you will create tiny tears in your muscles. This is just part of the process when building them up. It is, in fact, the repair process that causes your muscles to grow.   You may notice acute muscle pain … Read more

Sauna tips for beginners

If you’ve never visited a sauna or you’re looking to start visiting regularly, it’s important you know the basics.   Here are some great tips for getting you started.   Hydration Make sure you drink plenty of water both before and after entering the sauna. During your session, you will sweat quite a lot. This … Read more

5 reasons you need to have rest days

If you have the passion and the energy to work out every single day, that is incredible! But unfortunately, it may be doing you more damage than good. Here are 5 reasons why you need to include rest days in your weekly regime.   For sleep improvement There are a couple of ways to spot … Read more

Take your workouts outside this summer

With summer approaching, it is about time we took advantage of any warm weather we can get! You don’t need to hide away in the gym all summer – there are plenty of exercises you can bring outdoors. Think about your surroundings. What can you use that local area has to offer? Are there benches … Read more