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Take your workouts outside this summer

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With summer approaching, it is about time we took advantage of any warm weather we can get!

You don’t need to hide away in the gym all summer – there are plenty of exercises you can bring outdoors.

Think about your surroundings. What can you use that local area has to offer?

Are there benches around? You can use these for a variety of useful exercises.

For a quick yet effective upper body and core workout, you can use a bench for a variation of push-ups. Start off by resting your feet on the bench and placing your hands on the ground. The number of push-ups you chose to do should be based on your own capabilities. We would recommend anywhere between 10 and 30. Once you have completed this round, swap the placing of your hands and feet and repeat. You can do one more round with regular push-ups on the ground next to the bench for maximum effect. If you feel as though you can repeat the cycle, do so until you feel fully worked!

Using a bench, you can also target your glutes and quads by squatting. Again, you can vary your exercise by trying doing things such as sticking one leg out as you squat or by jumping up instead of just standing. There is plenty of room for imagination.

You could use the bench for doing step ups. You can do alternate speeds to increase difficulty or you can use one leg at a time, bringing the opposite leg all the way up to your chest.

As well as this, leaning on a bench would be a great way to change up your mountain-climber workout. You can do this for as long as is comfortable and to change things up again, you can use the space on the floor to move to horizontal mountain-climbers afterwards.

If you can find a local football or basketball court that is free, these can be great for creating your own HIIT workouts. Having the lines set out gives you specific space to work with. You can decide which exercises to do and how many times. An example of this would be using the marked out length or width to sprint to one end and jog back to the other 5 to 10 times for good measure. You could also incorporate jumps, squats, lunges or anything you can do in mixed intensity intervals. This is the perfect way to burn serious calories.

Depending on the equipment you have to hand, you can use all the space you need outdoors to set yourself up a mini boot camp! This can involve weights, agility courses or virtually any other mini exercise that helps to work on what you’re trying to improve. Boot camps are very versatile and are a great way to push yourself into high-intensity workouts for a shorter amount of time. If you don’t have the proper equipment, there are many ways you can play around with random bits and pieces for a DIY workout!

Finally, the most obvious outdoor workout you can take part in is a good old-fashioned run. There is space everywhere for you to run to, through and around. If you are looking to shake things up, you should consider trail running. Running around an uneven, mixed terrain and textured area pushes your body to work harder. It is a fantastic workout for burning calories, getting results and having fun!

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