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5 reasons you need to have rest days

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If you have the passion and the energy to work out every single day, that is incredible! But unfortunately, it may be doing you more damage than good.

Here are 5 reasons why you need to include rest days in your weekly regime.


For sleep improvement

There are a couple of ways to spot whether your exercise pattern is affecting your sleep.

If you are struggling to sleep, no matter how tired you are, this is an indication that you have overworked your body. This is due to release of cortisol; your body’s stress hormone that comes with too much exercise.

On the other hand, relying on excessive sleep to keep on top of your workouts should be an obvious indication that you are biting off more than your body can chew.


Fixing your appetite

The more you train and work your body, the more energy you will need to consume to balance things out. When your body craves more energy, it makes you hungrier.

If you have a lighter, more attainable workout schedule, you should notice a decrease in your hunger as your energy demand also decreases.


Overworking is not good for your mental health

Due to the endorphins released during exercise, it is generally considered one of the greatest forms of antidepressants! However, it is important to know that too much exercise can have the opposite effect.

If you have a strict and busy schedule you may develop anxiety over sticking to it – it’s important to be lenient with yourself.

If you find yourself run down by all your hard work you could end up feeling low or depressed. Also, over-exerting yourself will produce cortisol, creating unnecessary stress.


Stimulating muscle growth

When weightlifting or working your muscles, you create tiny tears. These can only be repaired during rest periods. If you do not rest, you will hinder muscle growth and possibly create injuries.

By having your rest and allowing your muscles to repair, you are allowing them to become stronger than ever.


It is important to have free time

With a busy work and workout schedule, you will begin to find very little time for just living life. Choosing to work out every day is a serious commitment.

Be sure that you are making time for friends, family and most importantly; yourself!

On your rest days, it will be great to find ways to relax and have fun. At the stable, we have all the amenities to allow you to do just that.

With a steam room, sauna, spa pool, wet room, massage rooms, rest rooms, a video lounge AND a bar, we can give you the best day off.

Find out more about our facilities here.

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