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Sauna tips for beginners

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If you’ve never visited a sauna or you’re looking to start visiting regularly, it’s important you know the basics.


Here are some great tips for getting you started.



Make sure you drink plenty of water both before and after entering the sauna.

During your session, you will sweat quite a lot. This means that your body loses a lot of water, so you will begin to dehydrate.

It is also a good idea to take some water into the sauna with you. If you get thirsty, you can keep yourself hydrated. If you are hydrated, you may be more comfortable and feel able to stay in the sauna for longer.


Test your endurance

To make sure you’re comfortable, you will need to figure out just how much heat you can handle.

In the beginning, 10-15 minute sessions are suggested. Your body will not be used to the heat if you are new to the sauna, so you want to test yourself without pushing yourself!

If you feel comfortable, you can do multiple sessions in these shorter bursts too! Eventually, you may be able to stay in for much longer – everyone is different.


Know your limits

If you find that for whatever reason your body does not agree, do not exert yourself.

Any signs such as lightheadedness, queasiness or anything else out of the ordinary should be taken seriously.

Don’t be embarrassed to leave – your health must always come first.


Wait one hour after eating a meal

Once you step into the sauna, there will be an increased flow of nutrients in the circulatory system. While this is happening, your body will not focus on the digestive system, meaning any food you have recently eaten will struggle digest efficiently.

Let the sauna work its magic by concentrating on the circulatory system. This way you will allow more nutrients to be delivered to your muscles and skin, leaving your body much healthier.  


Remember to shower

If you intend to use the sauna after a workout, you will want to wash off all of your sweat in the shower.

When you’re done, pat yourself dry if you want to achieve maximum benefits. Your skin will be hygienic and clean meaning it can absorb more heat. In doing so, your body will achieve the best detox possible.

You will also need to shower when you have finished in the sauna!

A warm shower will rinse away any of the toxins that you have sweated out during your session.

After this, you should notice that you feel healthier, cleaner and more relaxed.


Are you looking to spend more time in the sauna?

Follow our tips and head down to the sauna at The Stable! You can find information about opening times here.

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