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Can the sauna aid muscle recovery?

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If you exercise regularly, you will be no stranger to muscle soreness. When you work out, you will create tiny tears in your muscles. This is just part of the process when building them up. It is, in fact, the repair process that causes your muscles to grow.


You may notice acute muscle pain during or immediately after exercise but the most noticeable soreness comes 24 to 72 hours after your workout.


There is very little scientific research into the link between saunas and muscle recovery but there are plenty of reasons to suggest it can help with repairing.


What can the sauna do?


Spending time in the sauna does encourage the release of endorphins in your body. The North American Sauna Society claim this helps to relieve muscle soreness. Some advocates also explain that the likes of lactic acid and other toxins that are released during exercise can be eliminated within a session. The sauna can increase blood flow throughout the body, leaving your muscles feeling rejuvenated!


Increased blood flow also enhances the availability of fresh blood cells in your body. This can help more oxygen reach the muscles. Oxygen is essential for muscle function and is particularly important when it comes to muscular recovery.


The sauna has been proven to significantly increase human growth hormone levels. There was a study that found a 142% increase in the growth hormone IGF-1 during sauna use. This particular hormone is anabolic, which has the ability to burn fat and enhance muscle tissue.


A sauna is basically a form of heat therapy. It has the power to relax muscle contraction and inflammation caused by exercise. This aids recovery by helping to lessen the aching sensation. The release of any compound tension or muscle tightening will assist in avoiding any injury that could stop you from continuing to exercise.


Workouts that include weightlifting or sports with intermittent periods of sprinting are most likely going to cause high levels of tearing and tightening.


Finally, what is suggested whenever you find yourself feeling particularly sore after a workout? Rest. What better way is there to truly rest and relax than time in the sauna?


If you’d like to experiment with the sauna and see if it could help you, why not visit us at The Stable?

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