Keep the pride celebrations going!

We may be coming to the end of Pride month but the celebrations don’t need to be over yet!   In London, we still have a week until the Pride Parade, so we’re only just getting started.   Are you in London for Pride?   Whether you’re a resident or if you’re just visiting London … Read more

Have you hit the wall? Keep going!

Has your body reached a plateau?   If for whatever reason your body is struggling to get bigger, smaller or even stronger, don’t give up.   There are several changes you can make to get inspired again!   Find your motivation   Sometimes, the way we feel on the inside can have a serious impact … Read more

Health benefits of muscle building

By focusing all of your energy on aerobic exercises, you will be missing a serious trick for incredible overall health and fitness.   Here are just some of the things that weight and strength training can do for you…   Increasing muscle mass   Obviously, the more strength training you do, the more muscle you … Read more