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6 tips for a healthier summer

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For a lot of us, summer is the time for barbeques, beer gardens and all round good times. At the same time, it’s important to look after ourselves and not reverse any hard work that has been put into creating that ‘summer body’.


If you want a happier and healthier summer, here are 6 ways you can achieve it…


Go outside!


As cliche as it sounds, nothing is better for you than fresh air. There is so much to see and do outside and it’s fair to say that everything looks 10 times more beautiful when the sun is out.


Choosing to exercise outdoors makes the whole process seem much less tedious. Finding somewhere pretty and warm can be a great distraction. You will find it much more enjoyable!


You may also find that within the summer months, more active programmes may be put on in your local area. Take a look to see what you can get involved in. Not only is it great for your health but it is also an opportunity to meet more local people and potentially make new friends.


Stay hydrated


While the weather is warmer, you will find yourself sweating more than usual, whether this is during exercise or just while you’re going about your day. The more fluids your body loses, the more likely you are to become dehydrated. Spending time in the sun while dehydrated can make you very ill and you could suffer from the likes of sunstroke.


Regularly drinking water is vital for the functionality of our body and aids in cleansing it. Make sure that you are topping your body up with water before, during and after any exercise. You should ideally aim to drink, at very least, 2 litres per day.


If you’re craving something more, there are several sports drinks that work just as well to refill the fluids in your body and prevent dehydration.


Change your eating habits


If you’re not already doing this, having much smaller meals but eating more frequently throughout the day can work wonders. You should find that your metabolic rate increases when you are eating more often.


Having a higher metabolism means that you can burn more calories per day. This is key if you are aiming to lose weight and improve the efficiency of your digestive system.


On average, we would advise eating 5-6 smaller meals each day. These should provide an ample amount of nutrients to your body – enough to simultaneously burn fat and start building muscle!


Devise a training programme


Trying to achieve exact desired results can not only be hard to attain but also to measure if you do not have a plan in place. If you really want to see results, you are best to come up with and commit to a good regime.


This allows you to truly focus. You can set yourself both long and short-term goals to regularly check to see if you are on target. By tracking your progress, you can also see how effective your planned exercises are. If what you originally chose to do is not showing results, you can actively change this and continue to see whether or not it works.


Change your lifestyle


If for whatever reason your summer is particularly busy and you don’t have much time to exercise, there are other ways you can become more healthy.


Small things like social and eating habits can make a huge difference. Get yourself out more with friends and family. If you’re regularly going out for meals, think about how you can choose healthier or lighter options.


When the weather is nice, suggest things like picnics rather than pub lunches. This way, you can choose what to take and you’ll most likely indulge in a healthier meal. You’ll also be getting a short walk in, so you’re getting active too!


If you’re at work, think of alternative drinks and snacks you can have while inactive at your desk. Instead of sugary drinks and chocolate or crisps, switch to a protein shake or water and some fruit to keep you going. If you happen to live somewhat close to work, why not opt to walk or bike in instead of getting in the car?


There are many alternatives to several scenarios in your day-to-day life that can slowly help you to achieve an overall healthier lifestyle!

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