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Have you hit the wall? Keep going!

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Has your body reached a plateau?


If for whatever reason your body is struggling to get bigger, smaller or even stronger, don’t give up.


There are several changes you can make to get inspired again!


Find your motivation


Sometimes, the way we feel on the inside can have a serious impact on our external health. If you’re feeling low or sluggish, you need to find ways to keep yourself feeling alert and ready for action.


First of all, ensure that you’re getting at least your recommended 8 hours sleep per day. At the same time, try not to oversleep too often. In terms of rest, sleep isn’t the only important kind. When working out regularly, you need to have your rest days!  


Just because you need to rest does not mean you need to do absolutely nothing and feel lazy. As long as you do not overexert yourself, you can take part in some activities such as swimming or hiking.


You should also be considering your diet. Protein and complex carbohydrates provide a vital source of energy to keep your body going.


If you have a lull in your motivation levels due to lack of results, you should try reducing your goals to something more realistic – perhaps more short-term targets would be best. Demotivation makes you less likely to push yourself properly to your goals. Without the right mentality, you won’t get the results.


Building muscle


If you’re looking for new ways to gain, the answer is to eat, eat eat!


As great as that sounds, unfortunately, it does not mean that you can load up on junk food. This will simply increase fat levels rather than muscle mass.


Make sure that you focus on indulging in high protein and low carb foods and meals. These food groups are essential for muscle growth.


When you’re at the gym, there are always workout alternatives! For quicker results, try lifting heavier weights but at a slower pace than you are used to. This allows you to push yourself harder but not too hard.


Shifting fat


When trying to lose weight, at least 80% of your diet should be healthy eating. The other 20% should be a range of moderations and not junk food.


It’s not always about making big changes either. Sometimes, the little things you do could be making a big difference! Look at ways you can alter your normal lifestyle, such as reducing sugar in hot drinks or switching to sweetener.


You will also want to reconsider your exercise regime. Can you work out what it is that you’re doing wrong?


If you’d like some tips on great fat burning exercises, take a look at our blog on 5 great fat burning exercises.

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