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15 ways to motivate yourself to work out

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Get your workout gear on.


This takes very little effort but it can be very effective.


It’s fair to say that if you get yourself all dressed up to workout but don’t go through with it, you’ll definitely feel like a fool.


The likelihood is that if you’re dressed for the occasion, you’re just going to make yourself do it!


Surround yourself with motivation.


Whatever way you find best to encourage yourself, use it.


Write daily sticky notes with motivational messages to get you through your goals for the day.


Find pictures of how you want to look and keep them around. Having that visual aid is often a great way to keep you motivated towards a specific goal.


Stick up motivational quotes in areas you may lose motivation. This could include your work desk, your bedroom, the living room or the fridge!


Do you have a specific number in mind? Keep that in sight as often as you can. The more it sticks in your brain, the more determined you should start to become.


Have a long-term goal.


Even if you’re not quite ready to push yourself to your ultimate goal, it’s good to have one in place.


If you don’t know where you want to be, your workouts have no meaning.


Whether the ultimate objective is months or even years away, as long as it’s realistic that’s all that matters.


Take your time to work at it and enjoy every step of the way – that’s how you stay motivated.


Create mini challenges.


If you’re not quite ready to push to your long-term goal, keep aiming for mini-challenges that can get you closer step by step without any added pressure.


In the end, it all adds up and you will be closer to that big achievement in no time.


Use exercise to balance your eating habits.


If you don’t treat yourself to the things you love now and again there is every chance your motivation will begin to dip.


As long as you generally try to maintain a balanced diet and lifestyle, there is nothing saying that you can’t push the boat out once in a while.


You can simply use exercise as an incentive to indulge. Whether you work out extra hard before to make room for a treat or you figure out what you can do to burn it off, you can always find a way to enjoy yourself.


Start thinking positive.


Yes, developing a positive mindset is much easier said than done but it’s nowhere near impossible.


You can start by changing your thinking habits and attempting to be more optimistic towards your goals.


If you need a nudge, you could even try things like mindfulness or cognitive behavioural therapy. These are brilliant for altering your outlook on yourself and your future.


Remember why you started.


When getting yourself out of bed, or off of the sofa is really testing you, think back to why you took up a healthier lifestyle in the first place.


There was always a reason – everyone has one. It could just be that you want to be healthier but it could be something more specific like weight loss, muscle growth or improving stamina and fitness.


Whatever your reason, we believe that you should never give up on yourself. Never let yourself regret a thing!


Get your friends involved.


You can’t beat exercise with a side of moral support. Working out with people you care about allows you to share goals and ambitions and help each other to reach them.


There will be days when either one of you or both of you may be lacking motivation, so it’s good to share the responsibility of lifting each other when you need to.


It’s also likely that working out with a friend will be even more fun – a reason in itself to get up and get going!


Use audio.


Audio can stimulate the brain in many ways but each individual is different.


First, try putting together a great upbeat playlist of songs that you can enjoy but that also give you the energy to find a pace and stick with it.


If music doesn’t work and you need to concentrate, you could consider an audiobook. There are plenty that you can find online that are dedicated to health and fitness that may suit your needs.


If you just need to focus, you can simply choose a book you love and let it play!


Find an exercise you love.


Workouts don’t just mean going for a run or lifting weights, in fact, any exercise is always great.


Take some time to find something you genuinely love doing and it will become your favourite thing to do.


The more you enjoy yourself, the less of a chore it seems.


Why not check out local sports clubs as well as gyms and classes – you may even make some new friends!


Are you competitive?


If a good competition gets you going, why not actively look for them?


Usually, if you’re good at something and you enjoy it, you stand a good chance in any competition.


You could even organise your own with friends or family. Knowing your opponents can be more of an incentive to do well.


Once you get going, you’ll feel the adrenaline kick in and you’ll remember just how much you love what you’re doing.


Try something new!


Are you getting fed up with the same old routine?


Try something a little different! If a regular routine isn’t cutting it for you, perhaps you could check out local exercise classes to bring a new pace to your workout.


You can even just try researching new exercises that work the parts of the body you are aiming to improve. There is so much to explore!


Remember how good it makes you feel.


During exercise, your body releases endorphins into the bloodstream, leaving you feeling amazing!


How many times have you said to yourself, “I was really dreading that but now that it’s done, I’m really glad I did it!”?


Will you regret not doing it?


When your motivation is really running low, ask yourself this question every single time.


Most of the time, the answer will be yes. Don’t go through your life waking up the next day wishing that you had done something.


Keep track of your progress.


If you have already made some progress but you’re at a lull, make a note of how far you’ve come. The more you realise how great you’ve done, the more you’ll want to keep going.


Once you start a log, keep it updated regularly. This helps to develop a level of consistency and you’re less likely to stop if you can see the progress. Everyone goes through periods where motivation is lacking but this is a great way to look back and also, look to the future.


As an extra incentive, why not offer yourself rewards for when you reach certain checkpoints on the way to your main goal? Rewards are a great way to develop habits – having something physical to aim for can always add that extra push.

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