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How to work out in the heat

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Don’t wait until you’re thirsty to drink


Staying hydrated in the heat is vital at the best of times but especially while you’re working out. Of course, being hotter, you’re going to sweat a lot more and lose more fluid.


When you feel thirsty, it generally means you are already somewhat dehydrated. You want to target the potential problem before you need to fix it.


Before exercising, you should be consuming at least one glass of water. During the activity itself, try to hydrate yourself every 15 minutes; minimum. Don’t stop once you have finished your workout – your body will still require a top-up of fluids for the rest of the day.


The sun shouldn’t always make you change your routine, so if you plan on doing a long or intense workout, you’re best to keep a sports drink on hand. Drinking these will replace any salt and other electrolytes that are lost through sweating.


Time your exercise wisely


Temperatures tend to reach their peak at around midday or early afternoon.


The earlier or later you can get yourself ready to go, the cooler the temperature should be. While it’s cooler, any type of exercise should be much more bearable.


Take more breaks


Whatever you do, do NOT push yourself in extreme heats.


If at any point you feel like you need a break, just take it. You will have goals and targets but you are even less likely to reach or maintain those if you suffer a heat-related illness.


Stay out of direct sunlight


If you get sunburnt, your body won’t be able to cool itself down properly.


Make sure that whenever you are heading out into the sun, you apply plenty of sun lotion. Protective gear like sunglasses or a hat will also help prevent any kind of sun damage.


Try a water-based workout


From swimming to water aerobics or canoeing, there are plenty of workouts you can try in the water.


Splashing around a little will not only cool you down during the activity but you will also feel much more refreshed when you’re done.


Wear the right thing


Your clothes should be as light as possible – not just in weight but in colour too.


The best workout clothes are the kind that takes the moisture your body produces and moves it to the exterior of the cloth. This allows it to evaporate more quickly.


Lighter coloured clothes also reflect the sun as opposed to darker coloured clothes that absorb the heat.


Consider staying indoors


A sound piece of advice in the hot summer weather is to keep your workouts in air-conditioned rooms.


It could be a gym, a yoga studio or your own home! There are plenty of choices.


Know when to stop


There could be some signs your will body show that means you have well and truly pushed yourself too far.


These can include nausea and vomiting, headaches, dizziness and confusion, cramp and general body weakness.


If you find yourself suffering from any of these signs you must stop IMMEDIATELY. Even if they don’t seem serious, there is a chance they could lead to a life-threatening illness.

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