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How to use your body to workout from home

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As much as we all like to try and stick to a consistent workout routine, attending classes and going to the gym as often as we can is not always possible.

It’s important that we know how we can use what we have naturally when all else fails.

Your body is the perfect piece of workout equipment! The list of different exercises you can perform without any other apparatus is virtually endless.

Here are a few simple yet effective exercises you can do from the comfort of your own home…

Start off simple

Let’s begin with squats. This easy exercise has full-body benefits – it’s not just for your legs! By helping to improve your physique, they eventually aid in creating a faster metabolism, helping to burn even more fat in the long run. Also, as well as significantly improving your posture, squats also help to trim and tone your entire body, including your buttocks!

Now we move on to pelvic thrusts. This exercise is great for your glutes. It improves the strength, shape, size and power of the muscles. It also helps to strengthen the lower back and legs while again, helping with posture. Along with this, it also brings a number of health benefits like bladder and bowel control and sexual and social confidence.

Staying on the floor, we then turn to bicycle crunches. You will find that this exercise works the upper, middle and lower part of your abs – an extremely comprehensive workout. It simultaneously works several of your upper and lower body muscles as you engage almost your entire body while you keep on crunching!

Next comes sit-ups. With sit-ups, you are able to put full concentration right into your core. Though sit-ups and crunches provide a similar workout, sit-ups require you to use a larger range of movement and lifting. This means more of your body, including your hips, legs and chest, has to be used.

Finally – for this set – we go from back to front for push-ups! By involving a larger number of muscles, push-ups improve your overall fitness. Not only do they build a strong core, muscle density and muscle definition, they also help to improve your body’s balance.

Time to get the heart rate going

If there’s one exercise a lot of people dread, it’s burpees! But that’s only because you have to put the real effort into them to get the real results. Each and every rep works your arms, abs, chest, quads, hamstrings and glutes. Burpees improve endurance, strength and anaerobic capacity and help with weight loss.

Any cardio exercise will increase your heart rate and make you burn more calories.

Now it’s time to put some kick into your squats. Jump squats bump up the intensity by working your core, calves, glutes, hamstrings and quadriceps to a whole new level. They help with weight loss, muscle gain, toning, strength and mobility!

One of the most efficient exercises you can do is mountain climbers. You will work multiple muscle groups and joints at the same time. This allows you to improve cardiovascular health, mobility, agility and coordination.

The last push

There are a number of ways that you can perform lunges effectively. We recommend alternating lunges – forward and reverse. The main benefit of lunges is that you can manipulate these to even out any muscle or strength imbalances you may have. The advantage of this is that you can target any problem directly! Not only this but lunges are also perfect for improving core stability, flexibility and balance.

As we come towards the end of the workout, it’s time to make your way back to the floor for lateral leg raises. With these, you will be on your way to a great bottom! But it also provides benefits for the rest of your mid to lower body. During this exercise, you work your gluteus minimus. This helps to stabilise your knees, hips and lower back.

Finally, we finish on a plank. If you’ve planked before, you probably know your limits but it’s good to push yourself as hard as you can. Ty not to give in to your body strength too soon. Planking allows you to work on toning your belly as a lot of your strength during this exercise is concentrated onto your core. The more regularly you plank, the more improvements you will see in flexibility, posture and balance.

With time, these exercises will become easier to endure. It’s vital that you find ways to push yourself for maximum benefits while maintaining optimum health.

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