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What can the sauna do for you?

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Looks after your brain

One of the most effective benefits of visiting the sauna is the increase in blood flow. It helps your body in numerous ways. Not only does it help your body but also, your brain!

In fact, studies have shown to link saunas with lower risk of Alzheimer’s and dementia.

So far, it has not been confirmed whether it is simply the sauna protecting your neurocognitive function or purely the enjoyment and satisfaction the experience brings that prevents and delays cognitive diseases. It could even be both!

The important thing to remember is the benefits are real and you should absolutely make the most of them.


Improves your lifespan

Numerous studies have shown that regular visits to the sauna have connections with a low risk of an early death – specifically in men!

This is partially to do with the benefits of the social side of the sauna. Spending time and bonding with others provides health benefits in itself. But as well as this, the blood pumping effects it provides make a serious difference to your overall health.

Along with the length of your life, the quality of it also welcomes improvements. The sauna provides an amazing level of meditation and relaxation that can help to wipe away your stresses.


Helps to soothe chronic conditions

People who suffer from musculoskeletal disorders have experienced notable improvements to their conditions after visiting the sauna on a regular basis.

Some of the disorders that have shown signs of easing are arthritis, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid and fibromyalgia. Sufferers of chronic headaches have also reported improvements to their condition after attending the sauna.

Scientists believe that the reason this happens is due to the saunas ability to reduce levels of inflammation in the blood.

Inflammation is generally what causes serious pain, discomfort and fatigue. By targeting that problem directly, it is no surprise that by reducing the inflammation, the pain itself begins to reduce or even disappear.


Lowers blood pressure

A report from the Mayo Clinic tested 100 subjects in a sauna for 30 minutes to understand the effect the sauna had on a persons blood pressure.

After half an hour, results showed that both systolic and diastolic blood pressure had lowered.

As well as reducing blood pressure, the sauna also works to reduce the risks of several other vascular diseases like cardiovascular diseases and neuro-cognitive diseases.


Protects your lungs

If you come down with a cold, research shows that you should be heading down to the sauna!

Stopping by can improve lung function dramatically, even for asthma sufferers and people who struggle with chronic breathing issues.

Regular sessions reduce the risk of developing pneumonia or even getting a cold in the first place – especially during winter months.

It’s a good idea to take a trip down if you’re feeling particularly chilly!

Remember, to live your healthiest life, you can’t rely on the sauna alone. You need to keep on top of your exercise and consume a well-balanced diet.

To find out more about when you can visit the sauna at The Stable, click here.

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