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A guide to eating healthy this New Year

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Raise your hand if you well and truly indulged at Christmas…

It’s okay! Another year is here for you to get back on track with your body goals.

If you’re eager to shed a few pounds and start getting back into shape, here are a few ways you can do just that…

Don’t just cut foods out

You don’t need to sacrifice all your favourite foods to be able to lose weight.

These days, there are plenty of alternative options or similar choices that can hit the same spot.

Instead, consider low fat, fat-free, low sugar, sugar-free or low salt options of your favourite foods like yoghurts, cheeses, sweets etc.

At the end of the day, you’re less likely to stick to a diet if you don’t enjoy it – so you may as well allow yourself to have treats. Just make sure any treats are as good for you as they possibly can be!

Have a balanced diet

It’s important that you try to consume all food groups respectively to ensure your body is getting all the nutrients it needs.

Two of the most important food groups are fruits and vegetables and carbohydrates like bread, rice, pasta and potatoes. These two groups provide your most important nutrients and energy. Make sure that you try to always get your five a day.

You also need to ensure you get enough meat and dairy, or appropriate alternatives for your body to be able to develop and grow as it should.

Foods high in saturated fats are bad for us but in the smallest of amounts, they do actually play a vital role in our wellbeing.

Consider your calorie intake

The number of calories you consume each day should, realistically, be retrospective to how much physical activity you do.

Men should be consuming around 2,500 calories per day. Try to stick to this as often as possible and plan physical activity to around that.

Smoothies aren’t a shortcut!

If you feel like starting the day off with a smoothie will have you set, there are a few things you may need to know about these tasty drinks.

No matter how much fruit you choose to cram in, any smoothie will only actually count as one of your five a day. It will even rule out any other juice drinks you might fancy consuming as another one of your five a day!

By blending all your fruit together, you’ll also release all of their natural sugars. This means that any smoothie you make will be full of sugar. If you’re trying to lose weight, it is possible they could be reversing all the rest of your hard work.

Remember to exercise

Like we said before, burning the calories you consume is vital for weight loss.

If you’re looking to lose weight all over, you’re best to vary your workouts to ensure you cover your whole body. Cardio is great for weight loss as it tends to burn the most calories. If you’re not a huge fan of running, we discussed few cardio alternatives here.

If you’re trying to target certain areas to tone down, it may be best to research the best options that are suitable to your abilities.

Be positive!

A positive mental attitude goes a long way when it comes to weight loss and dieting. It can be quite a daunting task with cravings, lack of energy or motivation sometimes getting in the way.

Allow yourself to enjoy it! You are more likely to achieve your goals if you love what you’re doing.

No matter how hard it feels, even if it seems to be taking forever to get to where you want to be, you will feel so much better about yourself in so many ways.

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