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Achieve your goals with a fitness journal

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In a previous blog, we talked about how you can benefit from a food diary. If you want to see results through exercise, fitness journals are also a great tool.

Here’s how they can help…

1. You can find what is and isn’t working

When you start your journal, you’ll want to include as much information about your workout as possible.

This should include all the different exercises, the times or reps for each activity, rest periods, the equipment and the weights you’re using.

By making a note of exactly what you’ve been doing,it’s easier to know what is good and what isn’t in the journey to achieve your goals.

If you start seeing a lack in progress, you can skip back through your journal and see what can be altered, increased, decreased, included or excluded altogether.

2. There are all sorts of things you can track

You should be recording as much information as you physically can from start to finish. No matter what your goals, whether it’s losing weight, bulking up or toning, by having a broader idea of how your chosen exercises are affecting your body will give you a better indication as to how you are progressing or if any changes need to be made.

The most important things you will want to make a note of will be things like your weight, body measurements i.e. stomach, arms, thighs, hips etc and the percentage of body fat.

If you use any fitness trackers, smartwatches or fitness apps while you workout, it would also be a good idea to write down any metrics they give you to see how or if they change over time.

Another thing you may not think about tracking but actually is one of the most important factors is sleep. If you find that to begin with you are not getting good sleep or you are having restless sleep this could suggest things about your health or your current regimes.

You then have the opportunity to look into new workouts and exercises that can benefit your sleeping pattern.

3. You’ll start seeing your results

Not just in the mirror, but in numbers.

Once you have all of your metrics and measurements written, you’ll want to give yourself regular time periods in which you check this again.

It is probably best to do this a week apart as this is a decent amount of time to see progression without having to wait too long to make alterations. If you were to do this monthly, you could have to wait a whole month just to find out that you are not getting the results you want.

You should be actively comparing these results and not just looking at them. They should all give you indications as to what is going well, what can be improved and can help you continue to set goals throughout your journey.

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