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Energy levels feeling low? Here’s how you can boost them naturally

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Low energy levels can affect your mood, motivation and even general health. If you feel like you’re constantly tired here are some things you could try to help give your energy levels a lift.

Food and drink serves as your body’s source of fuel, so what you put into your body has a massive effect on your energy levels. Make sure you drink enough water to keep your body hydrated and stop yourself from feeling overtired – ideally the recommended amount is just below two litres of water a day. As well as keeping your energy up, keeping hydrated will also keep your skin looking fresh. When it comes to food, you need to try and keep your diet balanced with all the nutrients and vitamins you need. Make fruit and vegetables a regular part of your diet as well as sources of protein such as fresh meat, legumes and nuts. Also try to avoid foods high in sugar and refined carbs as these will negatively effect your energy levels and cause inconsistent peaks and dips.

Getting into a regular sleeping routine is also a good way to keep energy levels up. Everyone differs on how much sleep they need, however try to go to sleep and get up at around the same times each day. Although it may be tempting, try to resist those lie-ins on your days off as these will leave you feeling more sluggish than energised and affect your body clock. If you struggle to sleep, adding regular exercise to your routine can help. Just 30 minutes a day can help your body use up excess energy and put your body into a more relaxed state. Regular activity during the day can also give your energy levels a quick boost – research has shown that even a brisk ten minute walk can potentially lift your energy levels for two hours.


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