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Steam rooms: how can you benefit from them?

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Steam rooms are a great place to relax, but did you know that they could also offer a number of other health benefits?

If you regularly work out, steam rooms can really help you make some serious gains. Intense training is hugely rewarding, however if doing it properly it comes with tired, sore muscles and increasing recovery periods.

This can be frustrating for those who just want to get on it – so this is where a regular steam room session can come in handy.

The recovery period needs to happen, there’s no escaping that. However, regular use of a steam room can help to speed up this recovery period so you can hit the weights sooner.

The heat of the steam room encourages better blood flow so your tired muscles will receive more of the oxygen and nutrients they need to heal themselves at a much quicker rate. This can also help to soothe those initial post-workout aches and pains often felt.

Steam rooms can also offer those suffering with respiratory problems some respite. The high heat helps to relieve mucus pressure in the body which can offer those suffering with the likes of asthma and bronchitis some relief.

With summer practically upon us, you’ll want to look your best and regular steam room use can help. We previously mentioned the increased blood flow, which as well as benefiting you internally, it can also help freshen up and detox your skin. The heat and increased blood flow helps to open up the pores, so you’ll be able cleanse yourself of impurities and it can be especially beneficial to acne sufferers.

At Covent Garden Health Spa, we offer male visitors access to a highly relaxing steam room. You can find us centrally located in London, just a few minutes away from Covent Garden and Soho’s gay village.

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