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Detoxify after your holiday

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Holiday season is upon us again! It’s that time of year where we can take a week or two away from work and just relax in the sun with no stress. It’s also the time to enjoy the culinary delights and drinks of the places we visit and it’s common to go a little overboard – well you are on holiday! Whilst it seems like a great idea at the time, when you get home from your holiday along with the post-holiday deflation, you may also feel the guilt of any over-indulgence. In this article we’re going to look at how you can boost yourself from your holiday blues and refresh your body after your indulgences at Covent Garden Health Spa.

Our luxury spa pool is a great place to start. You can really unwind in the warm water and allow it to ease any aches and pains – well we don’t know what you get up to on holiday! The heat also helps to release endorphins and improve blood flow leaving you feeling super happy and relaxed.

Following the spa pool, a session in the steam room and sauna is a great way to refresh your skin. Again, like the spa pool, aches and pains are soothed and blood flow increases, but the heat from these facilities also causes the body to push out all the unwanted toxins. A good heat session will leave your skin glowing and you feeling much more refreshed – almost as if those holiday drinks never happened!

If you really want a post-holiday treat, you could enjoy a wonderfully relaxing massage. This will really work away any lasting muscle aches and tension and it can help you clear your mind of the holiday rush ready to face work again.

You can find us in Covent Garden, situated just minutes away from Soho’s gay village. Don’t forget that if you want to visit us during June, be sure to check out our special offers page for exclusive prices and discounts on entry!

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