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Get an extra kick after your workout with a steam session

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After a tough workout, you’re going to want an effective way to relax and unwind those tense muscles. A great way to benefit after a workout is to make steam sessions a regular part of your routine. As well as being super relaxing, there has been evidence to show that steam room use can promote further health benefits and endurance in active people.

An intense workout will quite often mean tired, achy muscles so by engaging in regular steam sessions you can improve the speed at which your body repairs itself. The heat of steam room encourages better blood flow therefore delivering oxygen and nutrients around the body at much more efficient pace. This will speed up the recovery process and it can also create a temporary pain relief to soothe those tired muscles.

A steam room is also a great place to stretch out after a workout, however we do only mean gentle stretching. The effects of the heat we’ve previously mentioned can allow you to feel more limber and relaxed making it much easier to get those much needed stretches in. Stretching will also help to get oxygen and nutrients to tired joints.

If you suffer from high blood pressure, you could also benefit from long term use of steam rooms. The improved blood flow and oxygen and nutrient levels has the potential to alleviate symptoms, however it’s always worth seeking medical advice before using these facilities.

At Covent Garden Health Spa, we offer our male visitors access to a relaxing steam room which is just minutes away from Soho’s gay village. As well as a steam room, guests can use our state-of-the-art sauna and our spa pool – one of London’s largest.

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