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Relieve aches, pains and stress at Covent Garden Health Spa

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There are many different causes as to why someone can suffer with aches, pains and stress, and they can interfere with everyday life. Aches and pains can prevent people from being active or being able to complete tasks fully, whilst stress can leave people feeling drained and unhappy which can lead to further health problems. Here at Covent Garden Health Spa we offer a number of heat and wet facilities that can help relieve these problems.

Aches and pains

A lot of people work on their feet all day. Lifting heavy things regularly and taking part in physical activities can cause stiff joints and painful, tense muscles. Also, those sat at a desk all day are likely to feel the strain on their body. Spending eight hours a day crouched in front a computer can cause back and neck pain, and also cause the body to feel stiff from lack of movement.

We have different facilities you can use to help improve your flexibility and release the tension in muscles to help soothe these aches and pains. Our sauna and steam room provide a warm heat that increases your blood flow, which helps your body to speed up the natural healing process. It also encourages the release of endorphins – your body’s feel good chemical. This creates a natural tranquilising effect, which reduces the pain of muscle soreness. You can also help soothe your muscles by taking a dip in our spa pool. When your body is immersed in the water you feel an automatic release as it makes you feel weightless. The jet streams in the spa pool also helps you target certain parts of your body that may ache and let you put pressure on it giving it a slight massage effect which helps relieve the pain.

Another way to you can relieve muscle soreness and stiff joints is by booking yourself in for a massage. During your session a masseuse will rub and knead your body – this helps loosen up your muscles improving your flexibility. It also helps stimulate blood vessels releasing muscle tension.


Suffering from stress is more common than you may think, and most people will have experienced it at some point in their lives. However stress can cause people’s lives to go on hold and affect their health. It can cause people to lack motivation, weaken their immune system or even cause a serious health injury such as a stroke. Regular trips to Covent Garden Health Spa can help you relax and unwind. Time spent relaxing the sauna or steam room gives a chance to have time to yourself and reduce your stress levels which can help prepare you for the next few days ahead with a clear peaceful mind.

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