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Why should you train your legs?

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Everybody wants big arms and ripped abs, so when developing a muscle building routine it’s common to place a lot of emphasis on the upper body. The problem is that for this reason effective workouts for the legs can be overlooked or missed out entirely, and in doing this you’ll be missing out on the additional benefits that can be gained from a real leg workout.

So, why should you spend just as much time focusing on your legs? First and foremost, leg exercises, such as squats and deadlifts, can actually help to improve the upper body muscle building. They enhance the production of testosterone which is then released into the bloodstream.

If you just focus on the the upper body you’re going to be left looking unbalanced. Let’s face it no matter how big you are on top, if you don’t work your legs out to the same level as your upper body they are going to look underdeveloped and mismatched. If you want the body of an Adonis then you’re going to need to work the legs.

Effective leg workouts can improve the overall health of the lower body. Resistance training can strengthen tendons and joints which will be a significant advantage as you get older and will reduce the risk of injury.

Leg workouts also have the potential to burn more calories than an upper body workout during the rest period due to the sheer size of the muscles. Compound exercises will burn a much higher level of calories than cardiovascular exercise, and because of the amount of energy needed to recover, the legs will continue to burn fat hours after the actual workout.

Almost all sports and cardiovascular exercises require the use of the legs. By focusing resistance workouts on the legs it allows you to improve your performance in these areas, as the muscles will strengthen and develop.


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