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In need of a pre-workout kick? Here’s what to eat

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If you’ve got a workout planned, it can be tempting to fill up on junk food before hand – well you’re going to burn it off anyway right? The problem is that if you fuel up on the wrong types of foods before a workout you’re not going to get half as a good a performance at the gym as you would if you ate differently. So what should you eat be eating?

First off, try and avoid foods loaded with sugar. Although they will give you a quick fix and short burst of energy, the effects will rare off extremely quickly and the come down will leave you lacking energy and unable to perform as well as you could. Be careful not to overeat before a workout as it can also lead to feelings of sluggishness, bloating and indigestion which can leave you feeling uncomfortable during exercise.

One of the best pre-workout snacks is a banana. Thanks to the high dose of potassium each one is loaded with this snack will help to maintain muscle function and keep you working at your best. They are also full of digestible carbohydrates which give your body the fuel it needs to get through a workout. You also want to choose foods which are high in protein, so choose things like hard boiled eggs or even a handful of nuts.

If you like sweet snacks, you could also opt for quality Greek yogurt and nutrient rich fruits. Greek yogurt is a great source of protein which is what your body needs to build those muscles and reduce muscle damage from the workout. Oats are another great addition to your pre-workout snack rota. They are great for a workout as they slowly release carbohydrates into your body meaning that you’ll have more energy for longer.  

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