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Why the sauna is the perfect place for you to relax this weekend

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For many of us, the working week is nearly over and no doubt you’ll be harbouring some stress and tension from the week’s events! Instead of succumbing to a sofa, food, and series marathon for the entire weekend, why not join us for a relaxing sauna session?

The heat of the sauna works absolute wonders for tension and stress. It can help to really loosen up tense joints and muscles which will allow you to feel physically relaxed. We know it’s difficult feel 100 percent relaxed if your mind isn’t quite as rested, however, studies have also shown that use of a sauna can help to balance out cortisol levels – that’s the stress hormone, making you feel a lot less stressed.

Being in the sauna is also a great place to let your mind break away from the daily grind of work. Relax in the sauna by yourself and enjoy some ‘you time’ or go with friends, meet new people and enjoy the social element of a sauna. If you’re socialising, you certainly won’t want to bore others with your work problems so it will push you to place your mind on more enjoyable things and remember that there is more to life than the office!

If you’re planning a night out, don’t rule out a stop off at the sauna if you want to look your best! It’s well known that saunas are a fantastic way to cleanse your skin and clear out unwanted impurities and toxins, which will leave your skin looking healthier and fresher. Start your weekend feeling refreshed and relaxed!

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