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It’s official – use a sauna regularly and live longer

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A recent study has confirmed that those who use saunas regularly are more likely to live longer. The Finnish study followed 2,000 men for about 20 years and those who frequented the sauna more than three times a week were less susceptible to heart attacks, strokes and various heart-related health conditions. As if you needed more of an excuse to visit the sauna!

So why are saunas so beneficial to our health? When you use a sauna you’re exposed to heat, which will encourage increased blood flow and circulation. This delivers oxygen and nutrients around the body at a much quicker and efficient rate which helps heal the body quicker. It also helps to relieve and soothe existing aches and pains in joints and muscles. The increased circulation helps to strengthen your heart and improve cardiovascular health.

Saunas are also extremely relaxing. The heat is soothing and the quiet environment creates the perfect atmosphere to unwind in. Stress can be a contributing factor to those who suffer with heart attacks and strokes so keeping stress levels as low as possible is highly recommended. It’s not just the quiet that can be a great stress reliever – some people enjoy visiting the sauna for the social element which can in some cases be just as effective at reducing stress as.

We’ve always maintained that a sauna is so much more than just a way to occasionally treat yourself. Here at Covent Garden Health Spa, we make sure that our visitors have access to facilities that will not only help them relax but also allow them to feel the health benefits associated with a sauna. You can visit us in London near Soho’s Gay Village, where you can enjoy use of our sauna, steam room and spa pool. For more information please visit our Rates & Times page.

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