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The Fitness Myths You Can Ignore If You Want Abs

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Want to build yourself that chiseled six-pack? Take a look at some of the common myths about building a six-pack which can end up being counterproductive.

Ab-only exercises

Forcing yourself through 500 sit-ups isn’t going to get the results you want. Why? Because although this exercise does indeed work the ab muscles, it does nothing to address the reduction of body fat you need to create those washboard abs. Whilst doing a set of sit-ups won’t hinder your workout, it won’t achieve the results you want unless they are done alongside more effective fat-burning exercises. You want to include full body moves which get your heart rate up and really engage your body’s fat burning mechanism. Think of moves like burpees, full body squats, and press ups.

Skipping out on rest periods

When it comes to your abs, you do want to keep your body working it’s hardest throughout your workout for maximum fat burning results, so try to keep rest periods between sets to a minimum. Instead you need to focus on proper rest and recovery periods post workout. Have a proper rest day and, maybe most importantly, get into a proper sleeping routine. Research has found that getting less than seven hours sleeps can reduce your body’s ability to to burn belly fat by up to 55%! Also, with less sleep you’ll lack the energy you need to workout to your full potential.

Avoiding the weights

One way to really speed up the progress of your journey to perfect abs is to include weights in your routine. By working your muscles you’re increasing your body’s metabolism as the extra energy needed to sustain your muscles through a workout and to recover after requires more calories, making this a great way to target those extra fat stores you want to burn.


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