15 ways to motivate yourself to work out

Get your workout gear on.   This takes very little effort but it can be very effective.   It’s fair to say that if you get yourself all dressed up to workout but don’t go through with it, you’ll definitely feel like a fool.   The likelihood is that if you’re dressed for the occasion, … Read more

Health benefits of muscle building

By focusing all of your energy on aerobic exercises, you will be missing a serious trick for incredible overall health and fitness.   Here are just some of the things that weight and strength training can do for you…   Increasing muscle mass   Obviously, the more strength training you do, the more muscle you … Read more

5 reasons you need to have rest days

If you have the passion and the energy to work out every single day, that is incredible! But unfortunately, it may be doing you more damage than good. Here are 5 reasons why you need to include rest days in your weekly regime.   For sleep improvement There are a couple of ways to spot … Read more

How effective is HIIT?

High-intensity interval training is quite self-explanatory. It is a type of workout that consists of various intervals with various intensities. Doing the most intense exercises with sufficient rests in between means you will get the maximum benefits!   Participating in HIIT workouts are a great way to use your body’s natural energy in the most … Read more

Look after your mental health with regular exercise

It is extremely important to remember that your mental wellbeing is just as significant as your physical wellbeing. Luckily, regular exercise has the ability to benefit both of these things. Working out has proven to be a great way to reduce physical and mental stress that your body may be experiencing. During exercise, the concentration … Read more

Explore the physical and mental benefits of a post-workout massage

You know it’s been a particularly good workout if you already know you’re going to wake up feeling sore in the morning. We believe that nothing is better for your post-workout body than a blissfully relaxing massage.   Your willingness to exercise regularly is already one sign of loving your body, but you shouldn’t stop … Read more

Do you really need to cool down after a workout?

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The cool down after a workout is one of those things that’s drummed into you from a young age. It will stop your muscles getting sore, make you more flexible, speed up recovery and make your performance better on your next workout. But is this really true? Recent studies have shown that the post-workout cool … Read more