How to use your body to workout from home

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As much as we all like to try and stick to a consistent workout routine, attending classes and going to the gym as often as we can is not always possible. It’s important that we know how we can use what we have naturally when all else fails. Your body is the perfect piece of … Read more

How to work out in the heat

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Don’t wait until you’re thirsty to drink   Staying hydrated in the heat is vital at the best of times but especially while you’re working out. Of course, being hotter, you’re going to sweat a lot more and lose more fluid.   When you feel thirsty, it generally means you are already somewhat dehydrated. You … Read more

What are the health benefits of yoga?

Traditional and conventional forms of exercise aren’t always for everyone. If you’ve never been into running, it can be hard to build stamina and enjoy different forms of cardiovascular exercise. Weight training can also be somewhat intimidating if you’re completely new to the idea. Yoga is a great alternative option. It provides all the health … Read more

5 healthy alternatives to your favourite summer treats

Ice Cream Looking for something cool and refreshing without the added calories? Try blending up a nice, thick smoothie! There are plenty of healthy recipes you can find online using some of your favourite fruits (and vegetables!). They can be packed full of flavour without leaving you with that bloated, sluggish feeling. Alternatively, you could … Read more