How to achieve better skin

Poor skin health is quite a common complaint in teens and adults alike. If it’s something you continue to struggle with, there are a number of natural ways you can make it look and feel better… Create a daily routine By having skin care habits you stick to every day, you can find solutions that … Read more

5 healthy alternatives to your favourite summer treats

Ice Cream Looking for something cool and refreshing without the added calories? Try blending up a nice, thick smoothie! There are plenty of healthy recipes you can find online using some of your favourite fruits (and vegetables!). They can be packed full of flavour without leaving you with that bloated, sluggish feeling. Alternatively, you could … Read more

Look after your mental health with regular exercise

It is extremely important to remember that your mental wellbeing is just as significant as your physical wellbeing. Luckily, regular exercise has the ability to benefit both of these things. Working out has proven to be a great way to reduce physical and mental stress that your body may be experiencing. During exercise, the concentration … Read more