Get ready for summer at London’s premier gay sauna

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Spring is practically here and warm summer days are just around the corner – but are you ready to hit the beach and show some muscle and skin? If not don’t panic. Here at The Stable we can help improve the appearance of your skin and body in time for those long summer days. Our … Read more

A healthy lifestyle and a healthier heart

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These days many struggle to find the time in their busy schedules to make sure they are looking after themselves properly. It is important that we find the time because a healthy lifestyle can help you achieve a longer life and improve heart health, so we’ve come up with a few little changes you can … Read more

Saunas: how regular sessions can improve your workouts

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With summer approaching fast it’s time to get ready to for the sun, and regular trips to the sauna can help give your body that boost. There are a number of different reasons why regular sauna sessions between your workouts can help speed up your muscle build and improve endurance – and that’s what we’ll … Read more

Give yourself a health kick with friends

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Meeting up with friends doesn’t have to always involve going out for meals and drinking the night away. We believe it’s time to mix things up a little to give you and your friends a big health boost. Taking part in physical activities with friends such as football, squash or gym workouts is extremely beneficial … Read more

What is muscle fatigue and how can you get over it?

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Have you ever pushed yourself so hard in the gym that you felt like your muscles just couldn’t take anymore? You may have experienced muscle fatigue. This happens when the strength of the muscles forces declines and can be due to sustained periods of activity. Often the problem with muscle fatigue is that it’s not … Read more

Secrets of the sauna

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Sauna sessions are a popular option with more of us are going for regular sessions rather than a rare treat – this isn’t surprising due to the fact that saunas offer a number of health benefits, even some you may not know about. One surprising benefit of regular sauna session is aided weight loss. If … Read more

How can your health benefit from a massage?

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Going for a massage is something we should all treat ourselves to now and then. However treating yourself isn’t only a luxurious rest for the body – it can also bring added benefits to your health. One major benefit of getting a regular massage is relaxation. Many of us don’t realise how important relaxation is, … Read more

Overdone it in the gym? Give your muscles the rest and recovery time they need

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If you’re going to overwork yourself in the gym, it’s more likely to be at the beginning of the year. When January 1 hits everyone wants to create a newer, better version of themselves, and whilst there is nothing wrong with this, it can cause people to go into their new workout routines too fast … Read more

Why you should make a trip to the sauna part of your health routine

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Getting fit and healthy isn’t easy, however it doesn’t all have to be gym sessions everyday and only eating salads – you can actually improve your health with a regular trip the sauna. Here at The Stable we have everything you need to help you feel healthier and happier. Saunas aren’t just about putting your … Read more