How to reduce the Christmas party hangover

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It’s that time of year again and Christmas parties and get-togethers are in full flow!Festive parties often involve a merry knees up, and whilst a few drinks now and then shouldn’t cause you any harm, overdoing it can and you can end up with the dreaded Christmas hangover. We don’t think you should have to … Read more

Food and drink to beat the Christmas hangover

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Christmas parties are great, but the hangover the next day – not so much. When you’re struggling with typical hangover symptoms including like nausea, headaches, aches and sensitivity to light, you always feel that moment of regret and the ‘never-evers’. A hangover is caused by the changes in your body which occur when you drink … Read more

Relax this Christmas at The Stable

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Christmas is often a busy time and it can be overwhelming. At The Stable, we know how important it is to find time to relax and take a break from busy schedules. We also know how hard it can be find the time, especially with constant invitations, but sometimes saying no isn’t the worst thing … Read more

Food that will help you avoid the Christmas guilt

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The Christmas feast is viewed as one of the most indulgent and calorific events of the year and it traditionally doesn’t fit into any healthy eating routine – but can it? Whilst many of our festive favourites are loaded with fat, there are certain things which are actually good you and are things your body … Read more

Why you should give yourself the gift of relaxation this Christmas

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It seems we spend all of December running around buying gifts for others, but what about you? We believe that as well as spoiling others during the festive period, it’s important to treat yourself too. At The Stable we provide visitors with the perfect environment to sit back and unwind – whether you want to … Read more

The secrets of the sauna

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More people are beginning to use saunas on a regular basis, and it’s not just helping them to relax. A regular sauna session can also have many benefits for your health inside and out. Improved heart health Steam rooms, saunas and hot tubs can help lower your blood pressure and improve your heart health as … Read more

Relax and enjoy a visit to London’s premier gay sauna The Stable

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No one understand the importance of relaxation more than we do at The Stable. Life can be stressful – especially London life, and we believe that everyone should take the time out to relax and enjoy some time to themselves. We offer the perfect male-only gay location in central London, where visitors can come and … Read more

Why you should visit The Stable after a long day in London

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London is a busy place and many can find it stressful – whether it be from work or visiting all the tourist attractions. You can finish your day feeling sluggish and achy, so what your body needs after a day rushed off your feet is a relaxing session at The Stable, London’s premier gay sauna. … Read more

Refresh yourself inside and out at The Stable

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As the weeks pass, our bodies can become tired and achy and our skin can start to feel dull and worn out, so it’s important we take some time out at least once month to refresh ourselves. A trip to The Stable can be the perfect way to detoxify, this can make you look and … Read more

Visiting London this summer? Stop off at The Stable

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Summer is finally here, and it’s time you gave your body a little TLC. You’ve been working hard all year so why not take some time to remember what you work so hard for. Taking some time out to relax is also great for your health and can really give you a boost of energy … Read more