Why learning to relax is a necessity, not a luxury

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The fast pace of modern life means that at one time or another most of us, if not all, will face stress regularly as part of our lives. It’s hardly surprising. With long work hours it seems that standard eight hour days are a thing of the past, we’re constantly switched on and connected with … Read more

Don’t let stress beat you down

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Although it’s not the only solution, regular exercise is a fantastic way to keep you healthy and also help you reduce the effects that daily stress can have both physically and mentally. There are certain exercises that are particularly beneficial in reducing stress. Get that feel-good hormone serotonin coursing through your system with a session … Read more

The supplements that can supercharge your muscle building routine part one

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Building muscle takes time, however there are plenty of supplements available that will claim to fast track you to muscle heaven. The problem is that with so many products available all claiming to do the same thing, it can be hard to know what, if any, actually works and just how effective they really are. … Read more

What happens to the body during the recovery period?

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Rest days are absolutely vital if you’re serious about building muscle and developing your fitness. For those who are hardcore gym fanatics, it can be tempting to blast through a workout six or seven times a week, however, despite all good intentions that can actually cause more damage than good. Your body needs time to … Read more

Bored of the gym? Break the routine and get wet

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Sometimes, no matter how dedicated we are, we hit those days where we’d rather do anything but go to the gym. It becomes that massive chore which you have to do otherwise you’ll have to suffer the guilt later- don’t worry, we’ve all been there! If you do find yourself feeling like this, you may … Read more

Relaxation and exercise; how music can take it to the next level

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For some, exercise can become repetitive and it’s easy to lose focus. If this is the case, you may want to consider adding music to your workout. It can add more variety and even make your workout more fun. Create a killer playlist to take to your next sessions, put those headphones in and start … Read more

Don’t do it alone; it’s always better together

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We’re all familiar with the saying that two is better than one, and this couldn’t be more true that it is for working out and relaxing. Having a  workout partner can help you get more from exercise. They can motivate and push you that bit further, and it can be a lot more fun. The … Read more

Don’t just relax; feel the deeper health benefits of a sauna session

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Saunas have been used around the world for thousands of years as a popular refuge for people to unwind and relax from the days stresses. People take the opportunity to revitalise themselves and let the heat flush toxins from the body. However, regular sauna use can bring with it much deeper health benefits. If used … Read more