Have you hit the wall? Keep going!

Has your body reached a plateau?   If for whatever reason your body is struggling to get bigger, smaller or even stronger, don’t give up.   There are several changes you can make to get inspired again!   Find your motivation   Sometimes, the way we feel on the inside can have a serious impact … Read more

Health benefits of muscle building

By focusing all of your energy on aerobic exercises, you will be missing a serious trick for incredible overall health and fitness.   Here are just some of the things that weight and strength training can do for you…   Increasing muscle mass   Obviously, the more strength training you do, the more muscle you … Read more

Can the sauna aid muscle recovery?

If you exercise regularly, you will be no stranger to muscle soreness. When you work out, you will create tiny tears in your muscles. This is just part of the process when building them up. It is, in fact, the repair process that causes your muscles to grow.   You may notice acute muscle pain … Read more

Why aren’t your muscles growing anymore?

You may have made many changes in your diet, exercise and lifestyle. From these changes, you might have started to see results. Your muscles have improved significantly and you feel much healthier! But why has it suddenly come to a halt?   Are you getting enough sleep? If you are not sleeping well, your body … Read more

Overdone it in the gym? Give your muscles the rest and recovery time they need

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If you’re going to overwork yourself in the gym, it’s more likely to be at the beginning of the year. When January 1 hits everyone wants to create a newer, better version of themselves, and whilst there is nothing wrong with this, it can cause people to go into their new workout routines too fast … Read more