Why you need to make sure relaxing is top of your priorities in the New Year

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For many relaxation is considered a luxury which they just don’t have time for. At The Stable, London’s premier gay sauna, we feel that this should not be the case and that more importance needs to be placed on taking time out to relax. Here’s why. Stress is a common problem in the UK, and … Read more

Give your health and fitness a kickstart with friends in 2017

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The new year is the perfect time to set new fitness goals and freshen up your routine, however after enjoying the holidays it can be hard to find the motivation to get going. A great way to get your fitness regime kickstarted is by getting together with friends and working out together. The benefits can … Read more

Want a fresh new routine for 2017? Here’s why you should add a regular sauna session

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Staying fit and healthy requires dedication and can be hard at times. At The Stable, London’s premier gay sauna, we don’t believe that staying healthy has to be all about the gym and salads – in fact we believe that you can also keep your health and fitness levels up with a bit of indulgence … Read more