Visiting London this summer? Stop off at The Stable

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Summer is finally here, and it’s time you gave your body a little TLC. You’ve been working hard all year so why not take some time to remember what you work so hard for. Taking some time out to relax is also great for your health and can really give you a boost of energy … Read more

Do you really need to cool down after a workout?

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The cool down after a workout is one of those things that’s drummed into you from a young age. It will stop your muscles getting sore, make you more flexible, speed up recovery and make your performance better on your next workout. But is this really true? Recent studies have shown that the post-workout cool … Read more

Need a break? Reap the benefits from a session in one of London’s largest spa pools

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The cold weather is here to stay and as everyone starts preparing for the festive period, you may want to take some time for yourself to relax before the rush of December hits – all those parties and events! The Stable bathhouse is a great place to unwind, not only in our state-of-the-art sauna and … Read more

Wash away the festive stress and tension

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The festive season is well and truly upon us, and whilst the season of goodwill is an enjoyable one that doesn’t mean it’s without its stresses. Figuring out Christmas plans, present shopping or even working out how you will manage Christmas this year are common stresses which many people will feel at least once during … Read more

Why a bit of indulgence can be good for you

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You want to get healthy and transform your body, so the first thing you would think would be to completely cut out the ‘bad foods’ and temptations out of your diet, right? Not necessarily. Occasionally allowing yourself to indulge in ‘bad foods’ can actually help you achieve your goals and lead to better health. Here’s … Read more

The next big thing or the next big fad?

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If you’ve ever tried to lose weight or build muscle you will have heard of the term ‘superfood’. Coinciding with the natural foods movement and general rise in healthy eating awareness, superfoods have boomed over the past decade. According to YouGov research 61 percent of us have bought a product purely because it was branded … Read more

Are juice fasts healthy?

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No doubt you’ve seen the many adverts and testimonials singing the praises of juice cleanses. Many of them seem almost too good to be true, so we want to consider how healthy juice fasts really are and the safe way to do them. The most popular cleanses promise unbelievable weight loss results and ultimate detoxification … Read more

Get bigger muscles faster

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Building muscle can take time, however we’ve got some handy tips that can help you give your workouts a boost. Getting bigger and stronger won’t happen overnight, but by incorporating these tips into your regular routine, you’ll give your body the chance at building muscle quicker. Compound exercises Leg curls and tricep dips are fantastic … Read more

Can a steam session benefit your health?

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Did you know that steam rooms have the potential much greater health benefits other than just letting you chill out after a workout session? Steam rooms have been around for hundreds of years due to their therapeutic benefits and medical professionals still stand by these benefits. So, what benefits can you gain by visiting a … Read more

Keep your body in top shape with these healthy habits

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You only get one body and it’s got to last you a lifetime, so looking after it is the most important thing you can do. Health and fitness buffs will tell you that your body is a temple so you should do all that you can to make it stronger and healthier. Sometimes keeping healthy … Read more