Why Muscles Aren’t Just Good For The Sauna

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We all know that gaining muscle has the advantage of making you look more attractive and catching the eye of onlookers. But there’s another important reason to build your strength and definition – your health. One benefit most men are unaware of is that increased muscle mass actually can actually lead to fat loss. If … Read more

The health benefits of a sauna session

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Used correctly, sauna sessions can produce amazing health benefits. The heat inside a sauna is intended to generate excess sweat to detoxify the body and clear the mind. This process can cause the following: Healthy Skin Heat cause blood flow to the skin to increase. This increased blood flow means more nutrients that keep the … Read more

New Saunabar website launched


We’re delighted to unveil our brand new website, which has been built and developed to give our visitors a more complete and informed experience. Our new online home will allow us to honour our commitment to giving our clientèle the information and resources they need to maintain optimum health and fitness in an increasingly hectic … Read more