Sauna tips for beginners

If you’ve never visited a sauna or you’re looking to start visiting regularly, it’s important you know the basics.   Here are some great tips for getting you started.   Hydration Make sure you drink plenty of water both before and after entering the sauna. During your session, you will sweat quite a lot. This … Read more

Why learning to relax is a necessity, not a luxury

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The fast pace of modern life means that at one time or another most of us, if not all, will face stress regularly as part of our lives. It’s hardly surprising. With long work hours it seems that standard eight hour days are a thing of the past, we’re constantly switched on and connected with … Read more

Benefit from a steam session after getting hot in the gym

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You’ve just completed an intense workout session and you want a way to relax. Although stepping into a hot steam room may not be the most appealing idea straight after a sweaty workout, this option can produce excellent health benefits and there has been evidence to show that it can actually improve endurance and performance … Read more

Relaxation and exercise; how music can take it to the next level

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For some, exercise can become repetitive and it’s easy to lose focus. If this is the case, you may want to consider adding music to your workout. It can add more variety and even make your workout more fun. Create a killer playlist to take to your next sessions, put those headphones in and start … Read more

Don’t just relax; feel the deeper health benefits of a sauna session

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Saunas have been used around the world for thousands of years as a popular refuge for people to unwind and relax from the days stresses. People take the opportunity to revitalise themselves and let the heat flush toxins from the body. However, regular sauna use can bring with it much deeper health benefits. If used … Read more