How to achieve better skin

Poor skin health is quite a common complaint in teens and adults alike. If it’s something you continue to struggle with, there are a number of natural ways you can make it look and feel better… Create a daily routine By having skin care habits you stick to every day, you can find solutions that … Read more

Keep the pride celebrations going!

We may be coming to the end of Pride month but the celebrations don’t need to be over yet!   In London, we still have a week until the Pride Parade, so we’re only just getting started.   Are you in London for Pride?   Whether you’re a resident or if you’re just visiting London … Read more

How can you benefit from using a steam room?

If you love the heat and love to relax, a steam session will be your ideal activity. To make things even better, steam rooms provide a host of overall health and post-workout benefits. Spending time in a steam room can work wonders for your cardiovascular system. The moist heat in the room has the power … Read more