Don’t succumb to the midweek lull: treat yourself to some relaxation and you time

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The middle of the week can bring with it a dip in mood. Sure Monday is long behind us, but there are still three days till the weekend – and it’s even worse if you’ve got a weekend of work coming up! So instead of giving in to the Tuesday and Wednesday hunch, give yourself … Read more

Getting the most from your sauna visit

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Whether you are looking to join us for a quick lunchtime escape or you want to come for a late night session, you’re opening yourself up to some time for relaxation and to relieve tension. Our various facilities mean that you can choose the activity that will benefit you and allow you to unwind. For … Read more

Not feeling the weights? Try these muscle building exercises

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Working out will make us feel better and healthier, but more often than not the overriding factor that pushes us along is the knowledge that we look good. We spend hours in the gym for results that boost our self-esteem and, in some cases, give us an ego to match – well, we did earn … Read more

How much hydration is enough during exercise?

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Approximately 55-65% of the human body is made up of water, so it’s no big surprise that staying hydrated is vital at all times if we want to feel our best. However, it’s important to pay particularly close attention to hydration levels during exercise and sessions in the sauna or steam room. Why? Because these … Read more

Don’t just relax; feel the deeper health benefits of a sauna session

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Saunas have been used around the world for thousands of years as a popular refuge for people to unwind and relax from the days stresses. People take the opportunity to revitalise themselves and let the heat flush toxins from the body. However, regular sauna use can bring with it much deeper health benefits. If used … Read more